Zurich, Oct 2010 - A 3 Day Basic R Course for Finance

Rmetrics offers for students at ETH and University of Zurich a high quality training course in the R programming language, based on their "Basic R for Finance" ebook.

The course consists of three blocks, each composed of 30% lecture, 20% examples and 50% lab session.

Course Topics:

Block I: Computations - Data structures, data mani-pulation, importing and exporting data, and object types.

Block II: Programming and Plotting – Writing func-tions, debugging functions, efficient calculations, object orientation. High-level plots, and customizing plots.

Block III: Statistics and Inference - Basic statistical functions, exploratory data analysis, time series analysis, regression modelling. Selected case studies from finance.

Course Audience:
This is a hands-on classroom training course for new R users. The course covers the core topics necessary to understand the R language and become proficient in using R. The course is organized for students in finance and related fields from ETH and University of Zurich who wants to get to grips with the R software environment.

Time and Date:
Saturday, September 25, Block I
Saturday, October 2, Block II
Saturday, October 9, Block III
8:30 -12:30 pm

ETH Zurich, Main Building Room HG E 33.5

Course Tutors:
Diethelm Würtz, ETH Zurich
Yohan Chalabi, ETH Zurich
Andrew Ellis, ETH Zurich